Organizing Your Mad Max Event
For lots of ideas and tips: Read my new guide.

For your own unique costume, try shopping for parts at thrift stores, surplus stores, and used sporting goods stores. Leather is always a good choice, and try to stay with a color theme: most Mad Max costumes are black with red and silver accents.
For a replica costume, refer to my website: and make sure you have a copy of the movie.
Remember: when you're in a car, most people can only see you from the chest up. Focus on having a cool helmet, goggles or sunglasses, and some kind of mask. A baseball helmet, some tinted motorcycle goggles and a bandana around your face can create a menacing look.

There are lots of ways to "Mad Max" your car, truck or motorcycle. Here are some ideas:

Accessories: Go to a car parts place or junkyard and buy offroad lights ($10 at Walmart), semi-truck marker lights, hoodscoop, hood ornaments, magnetic bullet holes, a new steering wheel...

Paintjobs: Go crazy with the flat black, or spray paint some cool racing stripes. Or go with some wicked car art: skulls, bats, snakes, spiders or scorpions. If you don't want to ruin your car's paintjob, try magnets, grease markers, or colored hair spray that will wash off.

Take stuff off: This is a cheap and reversible way to dramatically change your vehicle's appearance. Take your grill or front end off, take your hood off, take your doors off. Check the local laws. Front fenders might be legal to take off in some situations too.

Custom work: Weld up some new bumpers and armor. Weld steel crap to your car. Take some chrome bumpers or grills off a 50's classic and make it fit your car. Weld a Jeep front onto your car. The possibilities are endless!