Mad Max MFP Chatter

Over 37 minutes of realistic Main Force Patrol police radio dialogue. Play it in your replica vehicle at car shows or just for fun at home or while driving.

Roadwar Northwest T-shirts

T-shirts are available through the Mad Max Cars website

The Roadwar 101 Soundtrack

Download MP3 tracks from Karol's Roadwar 101 Soundtrack FREE below.


1. INTRO (4.9 MB) The suspenseful beginning. Taken from tracks 6 and 1 of the Roadwarrior soundtrack.
2. TRIBAL WAR (5.5 MB) Taken from the Mad Max beyond Thunderdome and Black Hawk Down soundtracks.
3. HERE/EMPTY (5.2) Karol's instrumental remixes of "Here" by V.A.S.T, and "Empty" by Chatterbox. Heavy industrial rock.
4. DU HAST (1.9 MB) Karol's instrumental remix of Rammstein's "Du Hast."
5. FILLER (2.9 MB) Taken from tracks 1 and 6 of the Roadwarrior soundtrack.
6. WDNAH (5.9) The instrumental version of "We Don't Need Another Hero", from the Mad Max beyond Thunderdome Soundtrack.
7. TRIBAL WAR (Same as above)
8. HERE/EMPTY (Same as above)
9. DU HAST (Same as above)
10. FILLER (Same as above)
11. END TITLE (3.1 MB) Track 8 of the Roadwarrior soundtrack.
12. CALIFORNIA LOVE. Dr. Dre and Tupac.