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Here's what fans are saying:

"OMG.....I absolutely love it. You guys did a supreme bang up job on the entire production. All you guys deserve a serious ovation for that incredibly awesome piece of movie memorabilia. I even liked how the lady that plays the MFP dispatcher sounded just like the dispatcher from the actual movie. Bravo, a job well done. Thanks again so much. Well worth the money!"
- Jim

"SWEET! The infamous 'ice cream truck caper' had me rolling! If you don't have one, I strongly encourage you to order it. Thanks for all the effort that went into it."

"I played the CD this past weekend at a local car show and loved it!!! Even though I was responsible for the deaths of a bunch of schoolkids on the CD, the kids voted for my car and I got kid's choice award - BETTER THAN THE JUDGES AWARDS!!!! AND A BIGGER TROPHY!! What a great job on CD thanks to all who made it happen!!!!"

"You guys did a great job on the CD!!! I would highly recommend the CD to all members! It is a very professional and unique item you will never find anywhere else! I can't wait to get it to play on my overhead radio in my BoB."

"I just got my MFP Radio Chatter CD today. Man how awesome is this!!! The sections transcribed from the film give you the definite feel of listening in to the same action via the police scanner! That is good, but the ORIGINAL MATERIAL! Man that is great also, touching on so many cool iconic 'Max' connections into the future films, and good continuity all the way to the crackling Radiation! VERY COOL GUYS!!!! Creative, well acted and produced, and sounds good coming through the tiny speakers of the RVS! Thank You!"

"GOT MY CHATTER CD TODAY!!! Woohoo! Neat stuff. Smiled all the way back up my driveway. Neighbors must have thought I had something dirty. Anyway, LOVE IT! Thanks for all the hard work guys! The cover looks awesome too! Very professional. Great work team, and once again THANKS!!!!"


This audio project allows owners of Mad Max replica cars to simulate the chatter of a live MFP police radio, right in their OWN vehicle.
We have produced over 37 minutes of continuous, realistic radio communication inspired by the movie. The audio can be played on an infinite loop via a cd player or MP3 player and really adds a sense of drama and realism when you display your car at a car show or even when you're just driving around town.

Story lines and characters are recreated based on the film, as well as spun off into entirely new material. Nearly all of the CD is our own, new dialogue. One famous sequence (the Night Rider chase) is recreated from the movie (the sequence was re-recorded by our actors in order to produce clean audio with no background music etc.).

Technical note: There are gaps of silence in this recording varying up to 15 seconds in length. This is to simulate the feel of listening to a real police scanner. Sometimes there's a whole lot of commotion going on, and sometimes there's a lull in the action.

If you listen carefully, you'll hear things like: what happened after Max left the force, the beginnings of the final breakdown of law and order, and the origins of some well known characters from Mad Max 2.

This project was professionally produced in Los Angeles using a cast of Australian voice actors and was written and produced by hard core Mad Max fans. You won't be disappointed.

Click HERE to hear a sample of this CD.

Originally priced at $100, this CD was a special project made exclusively for Mad Max replica car owners and was expensive to produce. The real Australian actors were paid real money. (Not very much money - really just a courtesy payment - but it still adds up.) On top of that, the recording engineer was paid for his time and for the use of his recording studio. The above is why this project sounds so great and also why it was so expensive.

Now that the initial investors have had plenty of time to flaunt and enjoy their CD, we believe it is time to share this great piece of Mad Max fan memorabilia with the general public at a more accessible price. A small run of professionally-printed CDs in jewel cases are awaiting your purchase.

Note: Because of the high cost of this item, and its exclusive nature, we ask that you never post it on the internet, or share with any of your friends. It really wouldn't be fair to the rest of your fellow fans that have invested so much. If you want to share a sample with someone who isn't lucky enough to hear it playing in your car, please direct them to the sample link on this page.

Running time: Approximately 37 minutes.

New material written by
Paul Miller
(Based on characters created by George Miller, James McCausland, Byron Kennedy, Brian Hannant and Terry Hayes)

Material transcribed from the original film written by
George Miller and James McCausland

Produced by
Karol Bartoszynski

Voiceover direction by
Jared Butler

Mixing and sound fx by
Karol Bartoszynski

Recording by
Joerg Stoeffel


Chelsea Bruland as MFP Dispatcher

James Re as Roop, Pine Tree, Corporate Slave, and Starman

Warwick Hutton as March Hare, Greasy George, and MFP 2018

Morgan Roy as Goose, Jerseymax, and Mach 7

John Freeman as Berserker, Scar, and Toga Carbine

Jared Butler as Max, Nightrider, Charlie, The Dark One, and Row B

Karol Bartoszynski as Questinator, and 201

© 2010 Paul Miller, Karol Bartoszynski and Jared Butler