What is Roadwar USA?

Roadwar USA is a website that supports and keeps track of Mad Max fan events across the United States of America.

Roadwar USA is also a vision. Up until 2004, it seemed that Mad Max fan events and meetings were only happening in Australia and Japan. I wanted to change that. The result was Roadwar 101.

Roadwar 101 was based on the concept of bringing fans out for a highway drive in the spirit of the Roadwarrior car chase. Costumed people and costumed cars. A semi-truck was rented for a 45-minute run down California's highway 101. After the drive, we stopped at a shopping center for lunch and a small car show.

Roadwar 101 inspired the following year's exciting Roadwar 151 in San Antonio, Texas. With a great turnout, appearances by Vernon "Wez" Wells, and a dozen arrests, it will be a hard act to follow.

If you'd like to organize an event in your area, Roadwar USA is here to help. Get started by reading the guide and contacting me to set up a webpage for your event.

E-mail me to start planning, or to join our mailing list.

Karol, webmaster & event organizer