Roadwar 151
San Antonio, Texas
April 15 & 16, 2005


Pre-Party, April 15

Vern arriving at his hotel

Karol, Vern & Jake I

Karol, Vern & Jake II

Surrounding the BoB

BoB & JG Special

Snake truck & bikes

"Anklecranker" Randy

Evan "Mad" Maxwell

Chris Fenner's KZ-1000

Before The Run, April 16

Vernon Wells

The BoB, a COP & SC

Vernon G. Wells

Wez in a BoB - finally!

Hail Fenner!

Bad Cop Anklecranker

Smegma Karol

Vern laughing

The Gang

The Run

Obstructing Traffic

John Goss Special

Last V-8

Pursuit Special

Karol with machine gun

Taking over the Tanker




Militia with AK-47s

Surrounding the Rig

The Falcon

Karol with replica M-16

Surrounding the Tanker

The Duck's Gut

After the Run

Serving Our Community

A very exciting day

San Antonio's Finest

More cops...

The parking lot

The parking lot 2

Being detained

Custom bikes

Sorry, you're no Max