Roadwar 101
San Francisco, CA
October 31, 2004

The Drive >

Showing up at SBC Park

The Substitute Mark VII

The Black-on-Black & The Rig

Mad-Maxed Miata

Inspecting the Interceptor

Randy and the Pole-Cam

Karol's Snake Truck

Snake Truck with bay view

Convoy with bay view

Driving through San Francisco

The Chase!

Convoy lined-up

Convoy with mountain view

Please Max, don't come out and shoot me

Every fan's fantasy

Coming up beside

Rear view

All the Bronze sees is the back of a Mark VII!


The Car Show >
The Line-Up

The Marauders' Arrival

Bartertown Guard with Interceptor

Bartertown Guard with Miata

Karol's Snake Truck

Bill's Pursuit Special

Car Show

The gang

Bob & Company

Bill, and the blower, man!