Who Came?

Actual participants on 31 OCT 2004

Karol Bartoszynski (Host)
Sunnyvale, California

I am the host and organizer of Roadwar 101, as well as the webmaster of MadMaxCostumes.com. I have been a fan of Mad Max since seeing the Roadwarrior in 1990, and have been doing costuming ever since. I will be bringing my 1988 Toyota 4x4 pick-up. It has a 4-inch suspension lift and 33x12.5 Pro Comp mud terrains on black Rockcrawlers.

Bill Brown
Estacada, Oregon

I will be bringing a friend that is going to be here from Oz with his Wild Plum (pink) XA coupe. I know it's not out of the movies but it's a cool car anyway and so is he.

Find out more about Bill's car here


Jeremy Koerner
San Jose, CA

Jeremy is a professional trouble maker and artistic director of Hit & Run Productions which produces the wildly successful “Mysteries For Hire” (www.mysteriesforhire.com). The MACHVII, a modified 1992 Lincoln Mark VII, was very heavily influenced by a certain car cobbled together “a piece from here and a piece from there.” It has been converted to a 5-speed manual transmission and is powered by a retrofitted 351W pumping out over 400 horsepower. The suspension, brakes and other systems in the car have been worked over as well to make the MACHVII “meanness put to music and the bitch is born to run.” The 351-powered MACHVII will be at Roadwar 101 no matter what. Jeremy will be busy performing Dracula the day of Roadwar 101, but will send alternative driver, Bryan Bevington, the man responsible for all of the gunpowder under the hood of the illustrious MACHVII.

Randy Foos and Bob Herron
Sacramento, California

Randy and Bob are costumers who don't have a Mad Max vehicle as of yet. They might try fixing up a suped-up Miata convertible or an old Citation. Whatever they end up doing, they will be videotaping and photographing the drive and the car show. Randy will also be trying to bring some friends from a sport motorcycle club to participate in the drive.

...and the Rig!

Rig courtesy of Touchatt trucking, East Palo Alto, California